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                關於我們- 網站首頁- 聯系楚人

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                         多年來,楚人一直以綠色低碳為〇根本,以產品的先進設計,高端品質為己两个月份之一任,以無微不至的的細節服務為▃更高宗旨,全力打造“優質產品,真誠服務”的楚人系列流连山水间家居品牌。楚人個性ξ化的設計、高端奢華的質感、貼心ξ 的服務也獲得了消費者的一致認样子同和好評。



                         Churen logs overall custom home is a professional productionand sales of high-end solid wood doors, wood doors, wainscoting series overall home of the large well-known chain. Factory introduction of foreign high-end production equipment focus on every detail, the effort to build the country's super-class log home products.

                         Churen Since its inception, the constant pursuit of excellence, the company always adhere to quality management as the basis for brand building as the core, design and development for the Pilot to marketing-driven, "a century-old brand,Yang aspirations of the nation" as the goal, to achieve the company's rapid development and sustainable brands.

                         Details years, Churen has been green carbon is fundamental to advanced product design,high quality mission to meticulous service for the highest purpose, to create "Shangcheng quality, Bai service" Churen family home brand. Churen personalized design, high-end luxurious texture, attentive service has won the unanimous recognition and praise of consumers.

                         "Churen" One implication of harmony, happiness, active pursuit of the perfect life, home culture brand, the charm of the World beauty aggressive, leading the doors of the trend, advocating the concept of health services, is committed to a low-carbon pioneer wood industry, "Churen" will be your home culture messenger charm, adhere to create a happy life for you!